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Catholic Daughters of the Americas  

Court St. Louis #2579, Clarksville, Maryland 

Standing Rules for 2017 - 2018



Catholic Daughters of the America is a National organization which is governed by the National Bylaws and National Procedures which are provided in the 2nd edition of “Tools of the Trade”(July 2010).  National Bylaws of the Order are the only Bylaws that are in effect.  Local Courts may and should have Standing Rules but in no way can they conflict with the National Bylaws.  Chapter 5-14 of the Tools of the Trade state, Standing Rules “…are rules which are related to the details of the administration of an organization such as State or Local Courts, rather than to parliamentary procedure.  They can be adopted or changed at any business meeting upon the same conditions as any act of the Court (Motion, Majority Vote).  They are usually adopted as the need arises.  They can be adopted by a majority vote of those present without previous notice.  The rule remains in effect until rescinded or amended.  If a Standing Rule is temporarily suspended for a particular meeting, the suspension is not binding at future meetings.  Standing Rules need to be reviewed at least once a year to see what is still current and what needs to be rescinded or amended.”


There is a copy of the National Bylaws, The Tools of the Trade and Roberts Rules of Order available at business meetings for members to review as well as the approved Standing Rules and Committee Guidelines.





The following represents Court St Louis #2579 Standing Rules as approved by the general membership on November 15, 2017.  National Bylaws are the only bylaws that are in effect and these Standing Rules in no way conflict with the National Bylaws.


MISSION STATEMENT - As recipients of God’s many blessings we, as Court St Louis #2579 of the Catholics Daughters of the Americas, endeavor to use these gifts to support our faith through love, by promoting justice, encouraging equality, and supporting human dignity for all (11/08/09).


DEDICATION - It was agreed that Court St Louis is dedicated to Mary, Mother of God.


MEETING DATE – Business meetings will be held on the third Wednesday of the month from September through June in the St. Louis Social Hall. Summer informal get togethers will be held on the third Wednesday of July and August.


The Board will meet on the second Wednesday of the month at St. Louis Church. If meeting day, time and/or original meeting location is changed, an electronic announcement must be sent to the general membership stating such change. Rescheduled meeting must be held in a centralized public location so membership has access to the open board meeting. (10/2016)


Meetings will start with a social time at 7:00, the business meeting will be called to order at 7:30pm and adjournment will be followed by social time until 9:30pm.


A prayer service (added 9/2016) will be held in a separate meeting space before each general meeting from 6:45pm until 7:15pm. (10/2016)


GENERAL GUIDELINES FOR BUSINESS MEETINGS - “Roberts Rules of Order”, the classic work on parliamentary procedure, should be followed at all business meetings.


Meeting format is outlined in “The Tools of the Trade” in Chapter 5.  In order to be considered a business meeting, the Minutes must be approved and the Treasurer’s report must be read.  A quorum as set forth in the National Bylaws will be followed.


VOTING - Members need to be present to vote unless a decision needs to be made before a general meeting can take place. All electronic voting records will be made available for review at the next general meeting. Voting records may be deleted or destroyed after 90 days from the voting date.    Any member in attendance can make a motion to have a written vote taken rather than a show of hands.  Note that a motion must be seconded and then discussed and voted on per Robert’s Rules.


COURT BUDGET - The Court’s annual budget for the new fiscal year is to be presented every September, and, after discussion will be voted on in October and will be effective in November. Any unused funds from the prior year’s budget will be moved to the Court’s Savings Account.


COURT’S SAVINGS ACCOUNT - Caution should be used in spending these funds to ensure the court has sufficient funds to do its business.  Court approval is needed to access the Savings Account; a motion must be made to spend any monies in this Account. (10/2014)


SPENDING LIMITS - An unbudgeted amount of $50.00 can be spent without membership approval up to a maximum amount of $250.00 per Court year.  An accounting of this amount is to be submitted and made part of the Treasurer’s Report. (11/2017)


Regent Reserve Fund (Revised Name 10/2016) of a maximum of $100.00 may be spent for any unexpected non-budgeted item(s) that occur within a calendar year. An accounting of this amount is to be submitted and made a part of the Treasurer’s report.

STATE AND NATIONAL MEETINGS – This budgeted line item will be used to fund, up to the amount in the budget, the Regent and/or her designee(s), to attend CDA-related conventions. A report on the convention shall be provided to the membership at the next general business meeting following the convention.


ROSARY GUILD – The fund was established as a result of an anonymous donation to purchase rosary making supplies.  This fund is separate from the fiscal year operating budget, however, when this fund is depleted, it will become a budgeted line item.


SISTERS’ RESERVE FUND - This fund was established as the result of an anonymous donation to assist members in defraying the cost of attendance at CDA functions.  Members of the Court are welcome to contribute to this fund.  The monies in the fund would be distributed and received anonymously.  Use of this fund must be approved by the Board.  This fund is separate from the fiscal year operating budget.  Balances are to be reported at the time of the financial audit.


DONATIONS TO NEW COURTS - When we receive notification of the formation of a new court, we will send a welcoming gift to the new court in the amount $25.00 for all new courts in the State of Maryland and $15.00 for any new courts outside the State of Maryland. (9/10/08)


INCOME - All income will be deposited in the Court’s bank accounts and dispersed as voted on by the general membership.


SOCIAL ACTIVITIES/GROUPS - When a particular activity is proposed, such as the book club, excursions, sewing, game, etc., it will be structured by those interested, proposed to the Board.  The activity will be posted on the Court website and/or in the Court newsletter with contact and meeting date/time information for the membership’s interest.  Once determined to be a Court sponsored activity, the general membership will be kept apprised of ongoing activities reported monthly at the general membership meeting.    These groups are to be funded by the interested people and not rely on the Court’s budget for support. (10/2016)


ANNUAL DUES - Dues are $35.00 per year and are payable for continuing membership in October.  Applications received for new membership from October through April will be $35.00 for the full year.  Applications received May through June will pay $17.50 for one-half year dues.  Applications for membership received during the months of July through September will pay their dues ($35.00) for the membership year beginning in October.  The Bylaws state that new members shall take the membership pledge upon submitting a completed application (with membership dues) at a meeting or formal reception of new member which she attends.  Members received at a meeting shall participate in the next formal reception/meeting she attends. (10/2016)


GIFT FOR IMMEDIATE PAST REGENT - At the end of a Regent’s term, a suitable gift i.e. a Regent pin for time served on the board will be made to the Regent.  The monies for the gift will come out of the Court budget.


EX OFFICIO REGENT - After election of a new Board, the past Board will meet three times with the new Board and the immediate past -Regent will remain ex officio on the new Board for up to three months.


FUNERAL GUIDELINES - When a member of Court St Louis dies, the following guidelines will be followed:  (Note:   if necessary, the Regent may designate someone to act for her.)


  1. The Regent will contact the family.
  2. The Regent will offer that the Court pray the Rosary at the funeral home.
  3. If the spouse, child or parent of a Court member dies, the Regent will contact the family and will offer that the Court say the Rosary at the funeral home.
  4. Court members will be encouraged to wear their name badges at the funeral home.
  5. Following the tradition of Catholic Daughters, members will be encouraged wear white to the viewing at the funeral home and the funeral mass.


ROSARY AT THE FUNERAL HOME with the request of the family.


  1. The Regent will take position in front of the room near the casket.
  2. The Regent will begin the Rosary and say one decade.
  3. Members of the Court will be assigned to say one of the remaining decades.
  4. Following the Rosary, the CDA Resolution of Condolences will be read by the Court representative and then presented to the family.




When a member of the Court, their spouse, child or parent passes, the Court will send a Sympathy Mass Card.  All Mass Cards will be sent to Court members as directed by the Regent or her designee. Sympathy and all occasion Mass Cards should be automatically sent within three days following the electronic and/or verbal official notification from the Regent. We are currently not sending birthday cards to members at this time. (10/2016)


Once the budget amount has been spent, the budget amount shall be automatically replenished not to exceed $50.00 without obtaining the general member ship approval to cover this expense. (10/2016)





The Regent is an ex officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.


The Regent or her designee handles all communication between CDA, St Louis Church and the general membership.


Prior to a committee meeting, all Chairs inform the Regent or her designated appointee of meetings whether at St Louis or off-site with a proposed agenda.  The Regent should receive the minutes. To aid with the Court communication efforts, the proposed agenda and meeting notes shall be placed on the Court website under each Committee Heading for the committee members and general membership review.


The following committees, Charity, Education, Fundraising, Legislation, Membership, Quality of Life, Spiritual, Youth and Family are expected to maintain a record of Committee program/activity plans and operational procedures for reference.

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