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Catholic Daughters of the Americas  

Court St. Louis #2579, Clarksville, Maryland 

About Court St. Louis

Court St. Louis, #2579

Mission Statement

As recipients of God's many blessings, we, as Court St. Louis #2579 of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, endeavor to use these gifts to support our faith through love by promoting justice, encouraging equality, and supporting human dignity for all.

Our purpose is to participate in the religious, charitable and educational Apostolates of the Church. Catholic daughters of the Americas engages in creative and spiritual programs which provide its members with the opportunity to develop their God-given talents in a meaningful way to positively influence the welfare of the church and all peoples throughout the world.

Circle of Love
Committees & Activities


Book Club                                      Theresa Enright and Linda McCabe

Fundraising                                    Tammy Sczepanski and Debbie Mangus

Historian                                         Barbara Beach

Hospitality                                       Linda McCabe

Membership                                    Pat Reynolds / Peg Whyte

Mah Jongg                                      Barbara Beach

Newsletter                                      Carol Derenge

Travel                                             Daria McGehee

Fun Zooms                                     Theresa Enright

Communications                            Loretta Shields and Tammy Sczepanski

Standing Rules                              Loretta Shields

Spiritual Enhancement

Communion Breakfast                      Cathie Kaulfuss  

May Crowning                                  

Prayer Partners                               Helen Martin

Retreats                                          Cathie Kaulfuss

Rosary Guild                                   Beth Draminski

Care and Concert                            Carol Dunn


 Quality of Life

Thanksgiving & Christmas Families    Carol Ford             

Lenten Soup & Sandwich                    Carol Ford

Charity Committee                               Daria McGehee

CDA Mass Cards                                 Mary Ellen Cote

Pro-Life                                                Mary Ellen Cote  

Knights of Columbus Liaison               Debbie Mangus


 Speakers                                        Pat Reynolds



 Lobby Day                                      Cathy Stefano

 Local, State and National Bills        Loretta Shields

Youth and Family

Easter Egg Hunt                              Suzy Hill

Special Projects

 Board Oversees All Special Projects