Court St. Louis 

#2579 Clarksville, Maryland 

 Dede Walsh,
St. Louis Court Regen

Dear Sisters of Court St. Louis,

Holy Week has arrived. And, I am thinking “where did Lent go”?

The Lenten Season has come to an end, but it has left me wondering if I have sacrificed enough this Lenten Season. Did I fast properly? Did I give enough alms to the poor? Did I make a good confession? Did I do everything possible to serve others?

My first impression would be “YES”! And, then on second thought, well, maybe?

For myself, the Lenten Season has always been a good pretext to get my life back “on track”. Not that my life has derailed by any means, but it can always use a good course correction. I can easily get caught up in the troubles of these modern times. Some days it does feel like we’re living in the end times when everyone around you thinks nothing of killing an unborn baby or advocating doctors as suicide enablers.

I wish, I could say that these events don’t upset me, but they do. I get fighting mad, but the enemy seems too big and out of control. The horrors of our day are the same as in Jesus’s day. People without hope (or love) are doomed to make the same mistakes again and again.

Jesus understood the evil of his day and he understands the evil that surrounds us in 2019. Jesus knew the one who would betray him. And, he skillfully avoided falling into traps set by his enemies. Lent is our yearly reminder of these events and prompts each of us to make a course correction.

Only Jesus with his deep love for us could make such a sacrifice by dying on the cross. The Resurrected Jesus is our hope and he is always with us. Alleluia!

For our Court, Lent also means “Soup and Sandwiches” meals. We fed 288 people with homemade soup and countless grilled cheese sandwiches during our three Friday nights. A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in making these dinners a success by making soup, sandwiches and serving families who faithfully attend our dinners each year. Another BIG THANK YOU to the Clarksville McDonald’s for donating the cheese for our sandwiches. And, to Harriet Teixteria who is learning to speak Spanish taught by the McDonald staff in exchange for this cheese. It’s a win, win!

Another BIG THANK YOU goes to Suzy Hill for overseeing this year’s Easter Egg hunt on Monday, April 22nd. Assisted by Carol Dunn and other faithful volunteers, this year’s Easter Egg hunt will be filled with games and a surprise visit by the Easter Bunny! So, everyone please pray for a sunny Easter Monday!

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday celebration with your families!

God Bless.

With unity and charity,

Dede Walsh