Court St. Louis 

#2579 Clarksville, Maryland 

 Dede Walsh,
St. Louis Court Regen

Dear Sisters of Court St. Louis,

February is the month of “Love” and “Hearts”. The society around us concentrates on these two items until the 14th. Then, its all over until next February or so it may seem. But we know, as the great Saint Paul tells us, “LOVE” bears all things, “LOVE” believes all things, “LOVE” hopes all things, “LOVE” endures all things”. He also said, “let the peace of Christ control our hearts” instead of Hallmark. Ok, the Hallmark part was me. But you get the point. The greeting card companies and department stores put entirely too much pressure on us in February. They tell us to buy flowers, candies, cards, heart shaped cookies or anything red to show our heart’s desire that we love them. We should be showing this love and kindness all year long.

There are many ways to show your love. Here’s three tips to get you started:

  1. Spend quality time with the ones you love. Don’t let your busy life steal time from those you love.
  2. Be an active listener. A good listener pays attention with the intention of understanding the other person.
  3. Show your appreciation. A heartfelt “thank you” will go along way with those you love.

And, if needed, a card and flowers will work too.

It’s that time of year again! We will be using SignUpGenius again for our upcoming Lenten Dinner service starting on Friday, March 4th! The invitation for soup makers and kitchen and dining room helpers will appear in your email mailbox no later than February 21st. Our other Lenten Soup and Sandwich dates are Fridays, March 20th and April 3rd.

On a sad note, we lost one of our founding members, Phyllis Hipp, this month. My first encounter with Mrs. Hipp (she was always Mrs. Hipp to me) was during my first Lenten Dinners volunteer effort. She led the cooking of the cheese sandwiches brigade. She would arrive armed with her griddle and spatula and with her sweet smile, she and her fellow sisters would go on to cook hundreds of cheese sandwiches over the years.

It’s a better sweet moment as we say goodbye to her. She will be remembered for the joy and kindness she brought to our Court, May Mrs. Hipp rest in the loving peace of heaven. And, please pray for her loving husband, Butch, and her family during this difficult time.

God bless!

With unity and charity,

Dede Walsh