Court St. Louis 

#2579 Clarksville, Maryland 

 Mary Lea Bain,
St. Louis Court Regen

You Are the Joy in CDA!

Regent Corner

                   My dear Sisters,

It is hard to believe October is upon us and we are planning for Thanksgiving and Christmas! May you experience joy and happiness with our friends and family these coming weeks and we begin to close out 2017.

            This Fall we began a new adventure with our Spiritual Committee lead by Cathie Kalfuss and Carol Dunn. On Tuesday, 10 October we, CDA began the Meditative Rosary located in the Chapel beginning at 6PM. We had approximately 20 people in attendance and they ranged from CDA members, to members of St. Louis parish! We will hold the Meditative Rosary twice a month from October – June 2018. If you are interested in assisting with the readings, please contact Cathie Kaulfuss @

            Daria McGehee has stepped into the role as Charity Chair. Please send Daria your applications of consideration @

            Kelly Steward has stepped into the role as our Education Spoke leader! Please welcome Kelly to her new position and if you have ideas about guest speakers, please reach out to Kelly

            As I begin my last year as your Regent, I am blessed to have so many Sisters support me over the 4 years! Thank you to everyone as there are too many to mention individually!!!


God Bless,

Mary Lea, Regent